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Follow one important .ORG’s journey as they move from inspiration to action and impact.

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Inspiration to Action

Brought to you by Public Interest Registry, the operator of the .ORG family of  domains, .ORG Origins reveals how one very special organizationdedicated to eradicating poverty across the United Stateshas grown from a shared idea to a successful force for good that is making a profound impact on the communities and people that it serves.

Our hope is that by witnessing their evolution and leveraging a set of useful tools and resources, those who are interested in following their own calling can begin their own journey and move from inspiration to impact.


Episode 1


Join us as we introduce Mark Bergel and Katherin Phillips, two like-minded individuals who came together to create a unique data-driven approach to combat poverty in America. 

Discover how their shared inspiration resulted in the creation of their .ORG, The Shared Humanity Project, and meet some of the incredible people whose lives have been made better through their efforts.

Episode 2


Find out how Mark and Katherin have worked to create and cultivate relationships with leaders in marginalized communities as they continue to expand the reach and impact of their newly launched .ORG.

By supporting local leaders behind the scenes, the Shared Humanity Project believes we can achieve the wide-scale economic and social change that is desperately needed to overcome poverty in America.

Episode 3

A Shared Approach

Poverty doesn’t just effect one community; the reality is that it is everywhere.

The Shared Humanity Project believes that there is an unacceptable level of poverty in America. In this episode, we take a deeper look at how Mark and his co-founder, Katherin, are building a community of people who work together to fight for economic stability.

Episode 4


“Allowing poverty to endure in our towns and our cities…is inhumane.”

Discover The Shared Humanity Project’s National Plan to End Poverty, which redefines what poverty means, offers steps we can all take to end it, and supports community leaders to affect positive change. See how this important .ORG has positioned itself to eradicate poverty now and into the future.

About the Shared Humanity Project

Co-founded by Mark Bergel and Katherin Ross Phillips, The Shared Humanity Project was built out of a belief in the importance of human connectionas one of us goes, so go all of us.

Through their three initiatives (The National Plan to End Poverty; Education and Outreach; Organization building) Mark and Katherin will work to inspire and promote a Shared Humanity that will lead to greater stability for all.


People in the United States who are not able to live for a sustained period of time without assistance (based on NPPS data).


People in the United States who live in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


People in the United States who are living in poverty but not included in the US Census Bureau estimates.

Get the Help You Need

.ORG Origins has partnered with the .ORG Learning Center to provide you with helpful tools and information to guide you as you embark on your own mission-driven adventure online. We’ve curated some of the center’s best resources for those who are just starting out or who may need additional help as they begin to grow and start making an impact on their communities.

Check out the resources available on each of our .ORG Origins episode pages or visit the .ORG Learning Center directly to access the entire library of helpful information.